Easily Build Super-Fast Static Websites!

Static-CMS is a ruby gem for creating simple static websites in minutes.

To install, first open up a terminal/command prompt in your working directory (requires Ruby [1.9.3]).

  $ gem install scms

To create your first Static-CMS site:

  $ scms --create mynewsite
  $ cd mynewsite
  $ scms --serve

To get a full list of Static-CMS options:

  $ scms --help

Static-CMS also comes with a WYSIWYG editor called Air-Monkey, so your clients can edit their sites in point and click environment.

Built in web server

Use the --serve option to build and view your website

  $ scms --serve

To stop the built in web server use [Ctrl] + [C]

Change dectection

The --watch option to detects changes to your files:

  $ scms --watch

To stop the filewatcher use [Ctrl] + [C]

Multi options

You can use multiple options together

  $ scms --watch --serve

Note: scms processes files in the current working directory

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