A friend of mine posted on Facebook their thinking of voting Conservative because they received an email from David Cameron stating:

We'll take everyone who earns less than £12,500 out of income tax altogether - and raise the 40p tax threshold, so that no-one earning less than £50,000 pays it.

What should we make of this, and how can the average working class family not vote for such a tantalising offer?

I think the terrifying part is the thought that we could be bribed so easily. I’ve crunched the numbers and for someone earning around £50k the saving is about £3k per year.

This is an inducement at a very personal level, who would say no to an extra few thousand on the annual wage. The real question is what do we lose for accepting our bribe, and where does the money come from to pay this sweetener?

In the age of austerity the money has to come from somewhere. It’s either corporations, rich individuals (the 1%) or the rest of us. The conservatives are ideologically opposed to taxing business and the supper rich; so there’s only one conclusion. We’re going to have to pay for our own tax rebate! For instance are they going to put up VAT, effectively giving with one hand and taking with the other?

The Selfservitives have a very clear set of ideologies. They promote the rich (not well to do, but super rich) and tell the working man that it’s good for them and the country because of the trickledown effect. What the every growing equity gap between rich and poor has shown us is that money goes up and doesn’t trickle down. So the trickledown effect is an outright lie.

They are pretty determined to sell off the NHS to their buddies. The idea of the NHS as a burden is sold to us as health care being an unquenchable money hole. There’s currently a 2 billion deficit in funding. Sounds a lot until you compare it to the 280 billion they want to spend on renewing trident – because what the world needs is more nuclear weapons! They want to sell the NHS for a quick for a quick profit (possibly to pay pre-election tax bribes), and they’ll personally make a lot of profit for them when they leave politics and become board members on of the corporations that now run our health service. We’ll and up paying for our health care.

Perhaps they’ll fund this bribe by squeezing schools and teachers a bit more. What would schools look like after another 5 years of tory cuts? I don’t expect teachers will get a £3,000 pay rise.

The list goes on but for me the real question is; what sort of society do we want to live in? The Conservatives promote a self-serving dog eat dog, everyman for himself ideology. It’s what drives each and every one of their decisions. If we vote for them then we’ll get what we deserve.

It’s my view that what the country needs now is a little TLC after 5 years of Tory brutality. When I hear labour speak they sound like tories to me. The lib dems sold us out to the tories (bastards). So what’s left (excuse the pun) – The Green Party! If we all voted green I don’t expect the world to change, but we would be sending a clear signal that the current political march (by all mainstream parties) to the right is unwelcome. We need to show then that public services are important to us, that community is important to us; but most of all we need to show then in the only way we have legally available that we’re not satisfied with the rape and plunder of OUR resources. We paid for the NHS, the schools, etc. with our money (taxes), it’s not their fucking property to sell – it’s OURS! Voting green is a clear signal – HANDS OFF!!!

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