Together we’re stronger

Somethings we can do as individuals, but it’s better for all involved if we work in groups. We could each opt to educate our children, provide our own health care, etc. Or we could choose the best educator in the community and ask if they would school all our children, we could ask the most educated and experienced healer to attend to our ill, etc. When we do this we transcend our own limits and benefit from being part of something bigger. For this to continue to work in the long run we need to ensure that our desires are being meet. If a local school no longer achieves the target of education our children to an acceptable standard then we can choose to revert back to being an individual. If enough people do this then we as a community loose out from the benefits of co-operation.


To ensure that we all continue to gain from the benefits of co-operation we need our views represented. In villages we vote to have someone represent the needs of the village. We vote for someone to represent the needs of the town, country, country, etc. To me this is a very social process, if you follow this logic the political elite at the apex of this communal system should be those that represent the views of the many. They should be the most social amongst us!!! Any representative at this level who demonstrates views or makes decisions that don’t meet the needs of the many have been corrupted. They should be tried and if guilty of anti-social behaviour (against the needs of the many) removed from office.

If you’re not a Socialist you’re an Anti-Socialist

The problem is life is complex and it’s not east to judge if any single action, in of itself, is motivated by selfish forces. Take the free market libertarian view that supply and demand is the ultimate regulator and that any government intervention is suboptimal in generating wealth. The logic flows that with efficient market forces we all benefit as wealth flows down from the richest to the poorest in society. A laudable and social idea. The cleverest and hardest working generate wealth for us all but get to retain a greater proportion of that generated wealth for the investment of time and effort that the enterprise demanded. Who could argue with that?

The Politics of Corruption

Unfortunately only shit rolls downhill, contrary to propaganda in developed countries wealth is sucked in an upward direction. The widening gap between the richest and poorest is proof positive that those that purpose to represent us (the majority) have been corrupted. Perhaps this is inevitable, the higher they climb the more distant they become from those the system was put in place to represent. Is it realistic to expect individuals retain their loyalty when confronted by the industrial lobbying machine? To quote John Dalberg-Acton, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Dance for the Money

Maybe I’ve become too cynical but when global corporations say dance, I feel, politicians put on their prettiest tutu and shake it for all their worth. Too many of my younger friends don’t vote because they feel that it’s pointless and their voice isn’t even a whisper - it’s imperceivable under the noise of the corporate PA system. So they elect not to vote. Let me repeat that: “So they elect not to vote”. With voting turnouts as low as they are that’s a huge vote of no confidence!

Identifying Shit from Clay?

When the media machine churns out opinion and dogma, facts are hard to find. I personally think many suffer from Stockholm syndrome unable to step-back and take stock and ask is this in our best interest. If we applaud the notion that greed is good then we deserve all we get, and for the majority of us it’s not “clay”.

Show me the Way Home

So what can we do about this? The honest answer is I just don’t know - despair! Who wins from the politics of disrepair - the establishment!

Sometimes I think “Their only authority is your own compliance”, if we were to disengage from the treadmill, go ‘off grid’ become self-sufficient then their influence is mitigated. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can all do, so we have to take the fight to them.

There’s a War Going on for Your Mind

Fortunately today due to the Internet we have alternative ways to communicate and discuss issues, free from the influence of the establishment. So switch off your TV’s, stop buying tabloids and talk to your peers about what’s important to you and why. Maybe, just maybe, you might actually agree and even if you don’t perhaps you can persuade them to vote. Stranger things have happened.

My Advice: Don’t let the bastards grind you down! Take the fight to them and stick it to the man by voting Green ;-)

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